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CabAd Services Pvt LTD was established in 2018 to revolutionize OOH media by Milind Borgikar and Rushabh Shah. It all started in 2017 when Milind wanted to advertise his first tech startup profile on one of the most prominent OOH locations in Pune. When heard of staggering prices he dropped the idea and while looking at the fleet of cars and that's where the idea took birth. 
The idea then took shape of a product and got a tremendous response which also leads to the company's first seed funding by a serial investor, builder and movie maker Mr. Vipul Shah. Then on it has been an unstoppable journey with an exclusive partnership with Uber India to take care of driver integration. CabAd begins its operations in August 2019 in Mumbai and Delhi location.
With an ambition to become the most affordable and contextual OOH advertising media CabAd is planning foray into other innovative ad-tech solutions in the near future and expand primary business in at least 8 cities in India and 3 more countries by August 2020.


How CabAd maximises ad reach and ROI

Yellow Cabs

Transit Media

Increase brand reach by moving the ad across the city

A cab moves 6000 KMs per month and 270 KMs per day


Change your advertisement basis location

Create custom creative basis location

aerial shot of marker pointing on the st
Computer with Graph


Create a campaign by selecting the time , number of hours and geo-location

Get a detailed report of the campaign on a daily, monthly and weekly basis

Real-time alert on driver movement


Create a brands moment by running creatives on multiple cars in the same location

Gamify offerings with real-time geo-location targeting

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Our partners


Uber India

Exclusive partnership for rear windshield

Transroute media

Advertising media partner

Reliance Jio

Connectivity partner


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