Meet the Team

Milind Borgikar

Director | Founder | Business and Technology

Milind is out and out a tech guy with 4 IPs under his belt and work on various areas such as efficiency, AI, process automation, renewable energy and IoT. He turned towards ad-tech to disrupt digital OOH. He is a serial entrepreneur as he founded The Houuse in 2016. Milind has a degree in electronics engineering and has worked for 11 years with tech companies TCS , IBM, and Vodafone before starting up.
At CabAd Milind manages technology and business both.

Rushabh Shah

Director | Finance

The creativity and brand thinking of Rushabh Shah absolutely blew us away when he co-founded as Director finance and he has been wowing us ever since. Rushabh has a degree in business administration from Kingston University, London. Being a pure millennial  Rushabh brings a fresh perspective and his experience in the construction business.

Vipul Shah

Investor | Mentor

Mr. Vipul Shah is a highly renowned name in Hindi film industry and real estate business in Mumbai. Vipul Shah is also a hardcore investor with wide investment portfolio from healthcare, event management, and enterprise mobility. He founded his first venture in 1999 and thereafter there was no looking back.

Mr.Shah is actively involved in social activities and he is the global director at Jain international organization.

Mr.Shah shares the same vision of CabAd to make outdoor advertising more affordable and mentors the team on a regular basis.

Pranav Ghodke

Product manager

Pranav is a designer, programmer, cartoonist, and part-time sketch artist. The perfect blend of the right and left brain makes him the best-suited product evangelist. There is not a single area in CabAd that Pranav has not worked on. It would not be inaccurate to say Pranav is pivotal part of the company and also the first employee of it.

Kalpesh Morye

Mobile app architect

Kalpesh has work experience of 2 years with HDFC bank prior to joining CabAd. He loves the mobile applications and has a strong hand on writing monolithic code. A staunch advocate of Google technologies and an out of thinker, Kalpesh is the best asset company can ever have.

Vicky Rajjack

Mobile app developer

Vicky is the youngest of the lot and is fun to work with. He is a universal friend with great interpersonal skills. At age 22 Vicky has great skills with google technologies but adds immense value to overall processes and technology.



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